Friday, October 25, 2013

Preview - A gig that slipped the net Tonight

I have just heard via the power of twitter that there is a gig that was not on my radar!
Arun Ghosh tonight Fri, 25 Oct 2013 7:30pm - Seven Arts

If you’re not aware of his music here is a bit about Arun:
Conceived in Calcutta, bred in Bolton, matured in Manchester and living in London, Arun Ghosh's musical style represents his rich cultural heritage. The British-Asian clarinettist and composer is a leading light on the UK jazz scene, captivating audiences and critics with his passionate and dynamic performance style, eloquent musical expression and a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll spirit. His two albums, Northern Namaste and Primal Odyssey have seen him celebrated as a renowned innovator of the IndoJazz style; forthcoming album ,A South Asian Suite looks set to take this even further, and Ghosh is delighted to be presenting this work at Seven Arts tonight.

"…an upfront mix of South Asian melodies and western street-grooves, driven by a powerful Indo-western rhythm section" - The Guardian
"...extraordinary charisma and musicianship and a consistently riveting compositional skill" – Jazzwise
The original album line up are:
Arun Ghosh - clarinet, harmonium
Nilesh Gulhane - tabla
Aref Durvesh - tabla, dholak, tambourine, drums
Pat Illingworth - drums
Chris Williams - alto saxophone
Rastko Rasic - drums, tambourine, bells, Tibetan bowls
Idris Rahman - tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute
Zoe Rahman - piano
Liran Donin - double bass
We have heard that Dave Walsh - drums will be performing with the band.

A South Asian Suite is an original Indo-Jazz chamber work by Arun Ghosh inspired by the music, landscape and peoples (sic) of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka as seen from the viewpoint of a British-Asian from a Northern town. The Suite consists of six movements and contained within them is Ghosh's musical response to each of the 5 countries of the Subcontinent, highlighting regional variations in style, tempo and mood. Originally commissioned and premiered by Manchester Mega Mela and the PRS for Music Foundation in 2010, presented in association with camoci, A South Asian Suite was originally performed as an Octet with a mix of traditional South Asian (sitar, Carnatic violin, percussion) and jazz (clarinet, soprano & tenor saxophones, vibraphone, double bass, drums) instrumentation. Its subsequent London premiere, at the Southbank’s Alchemy Festival in 2011 and 3rdSwaminarayan Mandir, Neasden, saw Ghosh rearranging the Suite to incorporate piano and tabla, typical in his IndoJazz Sextet format. Since then, 3 further performances have taken place at Tagore Festival Dartington, Corsham Festival and most recently, at London’s Vortex Jazz Club which garnered a 4 star live review from the Evening Standard’s respected jazz critc, Jack Massarik.

To check out more about Arun Ghosh:
Twitter: @arunghosh
Website: Soundcloud:

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