Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gig - Jamil Sheriff Trio - Ilkley

Great sell out gig from one of the newly appointed ambassadors of Northern Line...!

Jamil Sheriff Trio – Ilkley Manor House

The Ilkley Manor house is not a conventional jazz venue however it does host a mixed concert series which includes some jazz. Upstairs amongst the photo exhibition we found the trio had set up. The audience of 40 or so filtered into the room to fill it.

The trio comprises of

Jamil Sheriff on piano

Pete Turner on bass

Dave Walsh on drums

The first set started out with 'Stella by starlight', followed by the first of the Sheriff originals, 'Contortionist' inspired by a trip to the Edinburgh Festival where Jamil saw a contortionst act. The set continued with 'All the things you are' then an interpretation of the Neil Young song 'Only love can break your heart' and ended with 'How deep is the ocean'.

The second set started with that well known Disney classic 'Someday my prince will come' followed by the un-named 'Trio piece number one' with the bass opening, the drums in next, finally piano, setting the scene for one of the trio’s fine new original tunes! This was followed by another Sheriff original 'Blueish' which resolves to 12 bar blues. Next up, ‘In your own sweet way' by Dave Bruebeck and to finish, 'God bless the child'.

This trio of highly accomplished musicians, has influences of Jarret and for me some of Oscar Peterson’s work, especially in the improvised solos.

The audience were quiet and attentive during the gig and very appreciative from the comments I heard. After this wonderful, intimate gig, I am looking forward to hearing more of Jamil Sheriffs original music especially in this trio setting.

After the gig I had a quick chat with Jamil:

Mark Beirne-Smith: So why the trio format, after the bigger ensembles you have written for?

Jamil Sheriff: The time just seemed right to put my music into the more exposed setting of the trio, where I have to take more of a lead, I wanted to follow some new harmonic ideas, combined with it being easier to organise trio gigs!

Mark Beirne-Smith: What challenges does writing for the trio give you?

Jamil Sheriff: Again it is the exposure and focus on the piano.

Mark Beirne-Smith: How long has this project been running?

Jamil Sheriff: About a year now.

Mark Beirne-Smith: Are you intending on recording this work or is it strictly for live performance and you tube?

Jamil Sheriff: With being given the Jazz North Award - Northern Line, I am looking to tour the music over the next year and maybe get to record it at some point. But in the mean time some of it is available on you tube

Mark Beirne-Smith: Are you involved in any other projects at the moment?

Jamil Sheriff: Yep I have the new quintet that I am writing for then I am performing with Matt Anderson - Wild flower, Sam Gardner Quartet and We Free Kings

Congratulations to Jamil and his trio ( on becoming ambassadors for Jazz North ( Looking forward to seeing more of you guys!
There are a few more photos - on my other blog!


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