Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A poem from Seven Jazz

Mikkel Ullah wrote this really affectionate poem about the Atlantic Inspired by a gig at Seven Jazz on 27.1.13
Mikkel is from Chapel Allerton and has just had her first art exhibition in Leeds Art Gallery with her painting and has a poetry showcase in Manchester in February.

As I sit and wait with anticipation,
I can hear the gentle sounds of the

The tall bass guitarist strumming
His chords like he’s gently tying his 
Old favourite shoes,

The pianist tip-toeing his hands 
Across the ivory keys,

The saxophonist sways in time with
The music like he is holding his
Beloved in his arms,

The trumpeter gently kisses his 
Instrument like the girl who left 
This morning at 5 am,

I close my eyes and let the 
Music whisk me down the old ,
Feeling her cold breeze ease 
My soul
For jazz on a Sunday afternoon is soul food for my,

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