Monday, November 10, 2014


The keyboard, bass and drums trio format needs to have something special in the mix to give it its’ own character and charisma. Zeitgeist have managed to infuse their trio sound with colour and flavour not always familiar with that format to create something invigorating and intelligent. Essentially formed at Leeds College of Music in 2011, the band have recently played a number of dates across the country in Leeds, Manchester, Bath, Bristol, Leamington and Lancaster.  At the moment two tracks are available to stream via their website, “Mosaic” and “Plancks”. “Mosaic” seems to effortlessly blend the pulse of minimalism with the sprightliness of a well-rehearsed, tight trio. Moods shift and mutate throughout its’ duration with ease and efficiency. “Plancks” has an underlying tension and mystery about its structure, which almost gives the impression of it being a narrative to some fiendishly illicit intrigue. Leeds has a reputation for producing jazz that acknowledges many other genres including its rich DIY culture. Zeitgeist are upholding that tradition and taking it to new levels, which bode well for the forthcoming album release.

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