Monday, February 10, 2014

Crowd funding and jazz

The modern music world has changed in the last 10 years, with the record deals vanishing, file sharing, music streaming and vinyl coming back!

For a jazz musician or a band to record they are now mostly dependent on self-funding the album, my estimate would be that to record through to having a product will cost the musician in the region of £5k however Tommy Smith recently quoted £18k to produce his last album. Then there are the promotion costs on top, with the average jazz record sales being fairly low, it is unlikely that the jazz musician is going to become a millionaire soon!

There are a variety of ways the musician goes about funding a project, be this directly out of their own funds, from government (ACE) funding, getting loans from family and friends,  pre-sales. This where crowdfunding comes into play, various safe websites have been set up to enable the artist to collect funds from pre-sales, donations and wild and exuberant gifts! This gives the funder (hopefully you) a chance to see the early stages of the process coming together as well as getting something for your money. Who knows in the future this could be the modern way of buying music?

Craig Scott recently funded the production element of his latest cd through one of the sites and now it is Matt Anderson who is looking to generate funds for his debut album as leader. At ‘Jazz Goes To Leeds’ we have the following information for you.

Wild Flower Sextet Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

The Wild Flower Sextet have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the making of their debut album, which they are recording on February 22nd and 23rd in the Leeds College of Music recital room after receiving a place on the Jazz Services Recording Support scheme.

The band, led by Leeds-based tenor saxophonist Matt Anderson, takes its name from a composition by the great Wayne Shorter, and the project celebrates the master saxophonist's music with deconstructed re-workings of his compositions as well as new material. Also featured in the band are young London-based trumpeter Laura Jurd, guitarist Alex Munk and pianist Jamil Sheriff, as well as the ever-popular combination of Sam Vicary and Sam Gardner on double-bass and drums.

The project has received support so far from a number of sources. As well as being awarded a place on the Jazz Services Recording Support Scheme, the band is also being supported by Leeds College of Music who have donated their recital room and Steinway grand piano for the recording. Alongside this, the band has also set up a crowdfunding campaign on, allowing fans to support the project by pre-ordering copies of the album and signing up for different rewards. These range from mp3 downloads and a bonus disc with live footage and photos from the session to having their names printed in the album sleeve and tune dedications.

The campaign on runs until the 1st March, which is when mixing and mastering of the album will begin with a view to an Autumn release, and can be accessed by following

Here are some early studio takes

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