Friday, March 1, 2013

Interview - Nik Svarc

I caught up with Nik Svarc this week for chat about his new album and the Sela Bar jam following our review of Touch

Mark Beirne-Smith -In the review of Touch we said there was ‘a treasure trove of influences’ what are your influences?
Nik Svarc   - As you have picked up on guitarists Bill Frisell and John Scofield are influences, in the early days and now still Jimi Hendrix who is a major inspiration to me. Other influences are Wayne Krantz, Tony Williams, Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, Tim Berne,Thelonious Monk,Chris Potter,and Life itself,I don’t just listen to Guitarist’s.
The record came out as very much our own kind of music, I think. Both Garry Jackson and Dave Walsh bring their owninfluence’s to this projectand that’s what makes the sound that we have.
Mark Beirne-Smith -In the past you have worked with an organ trio, why move to guitar, bass and drums?
Nik Svarc - Actually this trio came first basically they are two very different things, the organ trio is more playing standards and arrangements where as SvarcTrio’s Album ‘Touch’ is self written between the band with more improvisation,in terms of the balance between written and free sections within the music.
Mark Beirne-Smith -The new release Touch builds up to the 19 minute ‘Chainsaw Snore’ is this reflective of the digital age of music where there are no time constraints?
Nik Svarc  – No, not really if you look back to prog rock they were at it then. Chainsaw Snore was improvised and it there was no conscious time limit,as much as a reel of Tape would hold, it is the way it came out on the first take.
That Track features guest appearances from Matthew Bourne and Russell Van Den Berg,we played, it sounded good,so we kept it.
Mark Beirne-Smith -You have decided to release digitally via bandcamp, is this the only format Touch will be available in or should I expect a vinyl release soon?
Nik Svarc  – Nope,but if anyone would like to help fund a vinyl release get in contact.(cough,cough)… it will be coming out on i-tunes.
Mark Beirne-Smith -Will you be gigging this live soon?
Nik Svarc  – Yes definitely, I have some dates for a tour just being confirmed then I will let everyone know via facebook, twitter etc.
Mark Beirne-Smith -Other than SvarcTrio are you leading or involved in any other projects?
Nik Svarc  – Yes as we said the organ trio featuring two great young Leeds based players Martin Longhawn-Organ and Drummer Steve Hanley, also a quartet with Russell Van Dan Berg and Bass Player Scott Devine’s quartet and new album.
Mark Beirne-Smith -Tell me more about the Jam at the Sela
Nik Svarc  – We started at a little café in Chapel Town Leeds called Miss Browns for a couple of months, then moved to Sela. It is really to put on some exciting contemporary jazz, with a paid guest act starting proceedings then the jam which give students and amateurs a chance to gig with professionals. There are some exciting bands coming up…
Mark Beirne-Smith  - Do you like Marmalade?
Nik Svarc – No, I don’t like the bits.


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